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Who We Are

Digitalprojekt 4 GmbH (DP4) is an innovation subsidiary of EWE, Germany’s 5th largest energy provider. Our team thrives on delivering high-quality software that pushes for digital solutions within the energy industry. 


Some of our past successes include building an online marketplace for gas & electricity supply contracts, as well as a personalized energy consultancy service for small and medium sized businesses of any industry or region in Germany.


​Now, together with our partner EWE Go, we are on a mission to create the best digital products and services to help meet Germany's growing e-mobility demands. EWE Go is one of the largest charging infrastructure providers in Germany and offers a suite of solutions as a mobility provider mainly for businesses.

What matters to our team

As a small and effective team of 14 talented specialists, we pride ourselves in our diversity, sense of ownership, and strong team culture, which we've documented on the right using every team member’s input.

Making an impact

Our team has clear goals and is hungry for success. As a small team, we know we each have a big impact, whether manager, or work student. Our projects are innovative and sustainable, and everyone in the team is working hard to make it happen.

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Trusting our team

Our team members and management show trust in each other, and do our best to communicate as openly as possible. When faced with challenges, we offer each other understanding, and we support each other by communicating in a reliable, consistent way.

#trust #empathy #reliability #communication

Having fun

While team communication has become almost 100% remote for the time being, we've been able to adapt and still have fun, whether virtually or at one of our regular team gatherings. We're a group of empathetic, friendly individuals, and we know that having fun is an important part of a rewarding career.

#fun #friendliness #flexibility

Staying focused

Being focused, fast, and persistent drives our projects forward. As a team of clever, creative problem solvers, we don't crumble when something blocks us, we focus on finding a solution. We're eager to see our projects materialize into products customers use and love.

#focus #persistence #speed #customerfocus


About us

DP4 was founded at the end of 2018 by Dr. Ilan Momber and Daan Löning. With strong backgrounds in energy and software development, Ilan and Daan have since turned our startup into a lean but powerful team of experts who together build and support awesome digital tools. 


With international backgrounds stemming from 12+ countries, our team brings both professional and cultural diversity to the e-mobility industry in Berlin.


If you're interested in joining our team, check out our Jobs page, or send us your CV as an open application. 

Our Team


Neue Grünstraße 27

10179 Berlin

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